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Apple ‘iPhone 8’ launch in October or November: Might not ship until Late 2017

Apple ‘iPhone 8’ to reportedly launch in October or November sans white bezel option: Apple’s iPhone 8 and improvements to the iPhone 7, iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus, were supposed to be unveiled in September but now it seems that the buyers will have to wait until October or November to witness the launch. According to a source in Apple’s Asian supply chain, Mac Otakara [Google Translate] reported that the company has planned to officially announce iPhone 8 in Apple’s annual fall event, which always happens in September. But now it seems that it will be released after the release of iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus, in October or November. It will not be shipped until late 2017.


Amid rumors of supposed production delays, a report on Wednesday claims Apple’s forthcoming “iPhone 8” handset is slated for unveiling in September alongside incremental improvements to the iPhone 7 series, but the device won’t see launch until late 2017.

Apple’s ‘iPhone 8’ Might Not Ship Until Late 2017, Side Button Touch ID Unlikely

Also, iPhone 8 will be supplied in a very limited quantity only to meet the demands so that no customer has to wait or go for other option. Actually, initially it will be available in a limited amount and may be later the quantity may be increased. This delay may be due to some technical limitations about the Touch ID sensor. The screen will cover the front area and will supposedly lead to the removal of home button.


  • For now, front frame color will be available in black color only. Headphone jack will be maintained.
  • The previous models had LCD display but iPhone 8 will have OLED display.
  • It will have a front cover glass.
  • The two most unique features will be wireless charging technology, which will be really beneficial, and 3-D selfie camera, to change the entire selfie world.

These sensors will be compatible to recognize face and will also feature iris authentication hardware. The protective glass cover will be with black bezels, just like the previous models. Apple is currently not able to use white ink.


  • According to some sources, Apple is using some kind of new bezel masking material, not seen on any other iPhone, or is having some issues with the currently used paint technology.

Similar issue was seen in 2010 during the production of iPhone 4 where Apple was supposed to have both white and black colors but had to push the release of white one to almost a year to some technical problems in painting colors.

Reports are still mixed, however, so it’s not yet entirely clear if Touch ID has been eliminated, but Mac Otakara says the possibility of in-display Touch ID “seems to be low.”

Apple lovers will have to wait a bit longer for iPhone 8 but will all new features and handy technology, it is worth waiting for. Let’s wait to see how much these rumours prove to be right!

Apple ‘iPhone 8’ launch in October or November: Might not ship until Late 2017
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