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iPhone 8 Release date – New iPhone 8 Rumors and Price details

iPhone 8 Release date, Rumors, Price details: Apple fans, far and near, are waiting to know about the release date and the cost (price) of iPhone 8. Others want to know about the extent to which the ‘super’ iPhone 8 will have changes than the previous iPhones. It is going to be a special edition to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the handset and so, it is being called iPhone X by many as this seems to be a better and unique name.


Apple iPhone 8 Launch date, Design and Price Comparison

Well, there is some bad news for the Apple fans. According to a report by J.P.Morgan, iPhone 8 will be available in even more limited quantities when it gets launched. According to the rumors, iPhone 8 Release date is finalized as September or Later in 2017. And, it will be way more expensive than the previous launches. Analysts say that there will be a small amount available in late September and we can expect the increase in output with certain targets which would have to be achieved in late October or early November. Some reports say that the delay in the release may be due to the manufacturing difficulties. This may be true because the company has been using the same design and almost same features since the release of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. So, iPhone 8 will be a completely new design and may be this is why they are taking time. Well, better to be late than to have same design again.


iPhone 8 Release date – New iPhone 8 Rumors and Price details

Considering all 3 new iPhones, Apple had the previous estimate of shipping 49.5M iPhones which has now reduced to 7.3M. iPhone 8 is 50% of this figure and this means, there is a reduction of 30%. Supply of newly launched iPhones is always limited but this time, getting iPhone 8 is going to be really difficult.

iPhone 8 Price : iPhone 8 Release date 2017

According to the analyst Rod Hall, the cost of iPhone 8 will be higher than expected.

  • iPhone 7 costs $649 and iPhone plus costs $769 and to everyone’s surprise, iPhone 8 will reach a whole new level of cost.
  • Apple will start the pricing of iPhone 8 from $1,100 which is definitely a significant increase. (Below Image Source: ValueWalk)


Some reports say that the price can even reach up to $1400. Analyst Katy Huberty says there will be longer cycle for iPhone 8 and shifting the release would boost the selling prices. She expects a huge March quarter on top of December quarter. Some analysts do not want to consider it as a supercycle.

  • Deutsche Bank analyst Sherri Scribner has warned that New iPhone growth in 2018 and 2019 might be disappointing to the investors. Well this is really going to hurt many iPhone lovers.

iPhone 8 Rumors about Price and Features

  • Now, if they are costing so much, there must be something special about it. But there are some rumours about iPhone 8 that the Touch ID has not been integrated into the new iPhone 8 set’s display which has lead to the argument that the cost is much more than it should be according to the features.
  • Apple iPhone 8 has a new dual vertically aligned camera to aid AR, as the rumors.
  • Hall says Apple will start iPhone 8 pricing from $1,100 as “production costs are slightly higher than we had originally anticipated”. This would be $450 more than an entry level iPhone 7 ($649) and $330 more than an entry level iPhone 7 Plus ($769).
  • New iPhone 8 is going to be ahead of technology and so, it is worth waiting for. The delay or shortage in supply will affect the market for sure.


So, investors have to keep an eye on the release. But the delay or hike in prices does not mean that iPhone will lose its magic. It has always been magical and it always will be. 🙂

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iPhone 8 Release date – New iPhone 8 Rumors and Price details
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