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iPhone 8 Rumors, Release date, Leaks and Pictures

iPhone 8 Rumors, Release date, Leaks and Pictures: Ever since there has been news about the new release of Apple iPhone aka iPhone 8, there have been many rumors about the phone including release date or launch date. There is some leaked information about the features added in the new iPhone 8. The fingerprint sensor would be moved in the rear side in iPhone 8 and the home button will be completely removed. This is being said to be done so that the space can be freed up for the front screen which means that the whole display will be taken up the front screen. According to the latest rumors, The iPhone 8 release date is declared as September 2017 or Late in 2017.


iPhone 8 Rumors including Leaks and Pictures

  • There will be Touch ID technology but some reports say that there is no update about the Touch ID.
  • There are rumours that the iPhone 8 will have edge-to-edge OLED display. It will not have a headphone jack.


  • There will be a large power button on the side and a new dual-lens camera just like the one in iPhone 7 Plus.
  • iPhone 8 could be used as a mirror too. This will definitely be very beneficial for the ‘selfie lovers’.


As expected, the processor will be of an updated version. One very amusing feature is being supposed to be the wireless charging. Yes, you read it right! In all other mobile phones, one worries the most about chargers and charging points but iPhone 8 could even be charged from 15 feet away.

Well, this is quite ahead of our expectations. Actually, the transmitter could be put in the socket and there will be a built-in receiver in the new Apple iPhone 8 to receive the power. This could be possible with the help of a company ‘Energous’ which prepared ‘WattUp’ technology which has previously also allowed the wireless charging.


  • One more interesting feature will be curved screen. Just like the latest LED TVs, the screen will be curved and will make iPhone 8 look really different.

Apple iPhone 8 Rumors, Price and Cost details

iPhone 8 will be full of new technology and this is why, the prices are being expected to be much more than expectations. It is being rumoured to cost around $1000 – $1100 which is much more than iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

According to the website,

  • Apple had been expected to release the iPhone 8 in September 2017, in keeping with its annual autumn launch of major new products.

  • In 2016 the iPhone 7 was launched on 16 September, so a similar mid-September date seemed most likely .

  • Other rumours have suggested that delays in the handset’s new fingerprint sensor mean its release could be delayed until October at the earliest.

  • And some analysts believe that there won’t be a new Apple iPhone launch until 2018.

Tech that could be leading to the Apple iPhone 8 delay include the new AMOLED display and embedded fingerprint scanner.

Apple iPhone 8 Images, Leaked Pictures, HD Wallpapers


An iPhone 8 Sandwiched between an iPhone 6S and iPhone 7 Plus

apple-iphone-8-amoled-display apple-iphone-8-rumors-leaks iphone-8-image-design iphone-8-leaks-pictures


Above in the Images you can check that,

  • Apple iPhone 8 will debut a brand-new-all-glass look, with a curved OLED display and no physical home button.
  • An iPhone sandwiched between an iPhone 6S and iPhone 7 Plus.

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iPhone 8 Rumors, Release date, Leaks and Pictures
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