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IPhone 8 v Galaxy Note 8: Front Display Panel Leak size comparison Online

Leaked Galaxy Note 8 display panel gets us size comparison with iPhone 8: Coming months are going to be really interesting for the smartphone industry as the two competitors are going to launch their mobile phones. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 on one hand and Apple’s iPhone 8 on the other: a tug of war between Android and iOS. Let’s look at both of them and compare them in terms of display panel size.


Galaxy Note 8 vs iPhone 8: Display panel leak and everything you need to know

In terms of display size,

  • Galaxy Note 8 has a larger display of 6.3 inch than iPhone 8 with a display of 5.8 inch.
  • Both of them will have iris scanner at the top bar of the display and both will have a bezel-less look.
  • Also, both of them would have dual rear cameras.
  • This will be Samsung’s first phone with two cameras.


iPhone 8 would have less bezels as compared to Galaxy Note 8. Entire front side of iPhone 8 will be covered by the display and only front-facing camera, speaker, iris scanner and microphone at the top bar. Galaxy Note 8 will have camera, speaker, iris scanner and microphone at the top or bottom.

South Korean OEM will continue with the design language used in Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. Galaxy Note 8 will have a larger display of ration 18.5:9 which is much larger and slimmer than the previous sets. Note 8 will have 6 GB RAM and 64 GB of storage which can be expanded to 256 GB by using SD card while iPhone 8 would not support SD cards.

Supposed Front Panels Of Galaxy Note 8 & iPhone 8 Leak Online

There were many cases about the battery explosion of Galaxy Note 7 which affected the company’s smartphone market but it is expected that the limitations in the gadget have been overcome and Galaxy Note 8 will meet up to the expectations of the customers. It will have 12-megapixel or 13-megapixel sensors in the imaging system and also, it will have a dual-LED flash.

iPhones have always stolen the show and this time the company is bringing the best of their technology with most advanced features. iPhone 8 will support wireless charging technology.

Release date and Price Comparison

  • Galaxy Note 8 will be launched in an event organized by the company on August 23 and iPhone 8 may be released in mid-September or may be delayed to October or November.
  • Both of them are going to be the most unique and advanced phones of the respective companies so obviously, will be very expensive.
  • Both will cost even more than $1,000.

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IPhone 8 v Galaxy Note 8: Front Display Panel Leak size comparison Online
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